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"How's it going, man?"

"I'm living the Dream" Charles says with a big smile. 

From there, conversations often are littered with in-depth discussions on politics, world events, and finance.  All the while, Charles keeps steady eye contact, no matter how heated the debate may be.  At the end of the conversation, Charles smiles and we can all be sure that he had some other insightful thoughts or that his mind was already moving on, perhaps to another adventure he had planned.

Our friend, Charles, certainly found adventure, whether it was 'couch surfing' during a cross country trip to the west coast, picking up a random acting job in a foreign movie, living in New York City, backpacking solo in Wyoming and Utah, camping in an abandoned guard tower on the Great Wall of China, or simply sitting atop a nearly inaccessible cliff near Conesville, Ohio.

Though it was far too short, Charles lived an amazing life. Charles passed away in China on May 29, 2012, at the age of 24, after falling ill while backpacking on the Great Wall in the mountains outside of Beijing.

Charles grew up in Coshocton, Ohio. But despite his small town upbringing on the edge of Appalachia, he was curious about the world and loved to travel.  During his short life, Charles was able to visit 44 states and eleven foreign countries.  After graduating from The Ohio State University with honors, Charles landed his dream job working for a small but very successful capital management firm in New York City. Though he loved people and the fast pace of life in NYC,Charles was just as happy standing on a mountaintop or walking through the woods by himself as he was riding the subway up Lexington Avenue  in Manhattan during rush hour.

Charles was an avid Boy Scout, obtaining his Eagle Scout Award in 2006, after an extensive volunteer project building a handicap-accessible sidewalk between a church and its parish office. Shortly before his death, Charles said that he regretted never visiting Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico as a boy scout.

To honor Charles life and spirit of adventure, the Hathaway Family has set up an endowment in his honor, "the Charles Hathaway IV Boy Scout Fund", through the Coshocton Foundation. This endowment is meant to assist several young men each year from Coshocton County, Ohio, by enabling them to live out their own dreams, creating their own adventures at Philmont Scout Ranch, the Boy Scout National Jamboree, or another Boy Scout High Adventure experience.  

The Fund hopes to have at least 1, and maybe even several young men each year benefit from this Fund and live out their own adventure.

Please join us in honoring the memory of our great friend by making a tax-deductible gift to the Coshocton Foundation on behalf of the "Charles Hathaway IV Boy Scout Fund" through

Another option is to send a donation to: 

The Coshocton Foundation "Charles Hathaway IV Boy Scout Fund", P.O. Box 55, Coshocton, OH 43812 and include a note that it is to be deposited in the Hathaway Fund.

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