Qualcomm Stadium is still viable.

LA Council Approves Stadium

Vote your support for the San Diego stadium proposal. Vote Yes!

I Need Your Help with SB292 Before This Friday!

There is critical legislation making it's way through the California Senate. The power brokers at AEG think they can push the right legislative buttons to railroad this bill through before the Senate recess on Friday and give themselves a virtual flyer for…Read More

ACTION NEEDED - New Story on the Mayor's Stadium Study

We appreciate your comments yesterday, but we need to comment with even greater tenacity today on this new story. Please comment often. Hit hard with facts. Don't get discouraged and by the naysayers. Please take a few minutes to comment on this new…Read More

ACTION NEEDED - Let Mayor Sanders Know You Support His Upcoming Stadium Study

Today, Mayor Sanders announced a planned trip to study the financial impact of new stadiums in other parts of the country. We need your help to insure that the Mayor knows there is public support for this stadium effort. Please take a moment to comment on…Read More

Join Us at 11:30 Today for a Live Online Chat About the Chargers Stadium

The online chat with Mark Fabiani will kick off at 11:30 this morning. Go to http://www.sdstadium.org/ and join the discussion.
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