Update From Jim Jacobson - Trip to Burma

Dear Friend, Burma’s civil war has taken a toll on its citizens in many ways: it has destroyed communities, orphaned children, and bankrupted an entire nation, all in the name of the government’s ethnic cleansing campaign. When the Burmese army recently…Read More

Christian Freedom International Challenges Obama's Silence on Christian Persecution

SAULT STE. MARIE, MI (Christian Freedom International) – June 4, 2009 – Christian Freedom International (CFI), a humanitarian organization that assists persecuted Christians around the world, is dismayed about President Barack Obama’s failure to address the…Read More

President Obama is Wrong: America is Not a Muslim

Written by Jim Jacobson Wednesday, 03 June 2009 01:31 SAULT STE. MARIE, MI (Christian Freedom International) President Barack Obama is making a special effort to improve U.S. relations with the Muslim world, but to do so, he must get his facts right. In an…Read More

Cyclone Nargis - Nearly One Year Later

“I was very thankful to receive your love and kindness when our hope was gone…” For many Christians living in the throes of abject poverty and persecution, hope is often one of the only things that keeps them going, one day at a time. When Cyclone Nargis…Read More

America and Islam: Friends or Adversaries?

President Barack Obama is making a special effort to improve U.S. relations with the Muslim world. It’s a fine goal in principle, but Americans should never forget that Islam itself is the primary obstacle to a better relationship. The president concluded…Read More

CFI News is now Google News

Find our most recent article in Google News! Just visit Google News and search the term "Bangladesh". Look for Christian Freedom International and the image of a young girl and her family that we were able to help. We are running a Campaign to raise $1,000…Read More

Request for prayer.

Dear Friend of the Persecuted Church, Prayer Requests - Orissa: I just received an urgent message from our coworker in Orissa, India. He said another Christian was brutally murdered yesterday by Hindu militants. He also said Hindu militants are making plans…Read More
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