2011 Homesteading Efforts

On Sunday, Rafie Podolsky and I spoke about some issues we face trying to turn abandoned properties into viable housing opportunities for homeowners. Recently, I sat in on a Landlord Training class that CHFA is requires for anyone buying a multi-family…Read More

(no subject)

Hope everyone enjoyed the past few months as Summer is gone and now we are beginning again to work on an Urban Homesteading Program. Unlike last year where we got started at the last minute, we are much better prepared for the upcoming session at our State…Read More

Enjoying the Summertime?

Just wanted to say hello and I do hope all are enjoying the summer months here in Connecticut. Lately, it feels like we live in a steam bath but in just a few short months, we'll be hearing its cold outside. Enjoy the next few weeks of summer. I hope to see…Read More

Your Invitation to the 2nd Annual Waterbury Housing Forum

WHEN: Wednesday, June 16th at 6:30 PM WHERE: Holiday Inn Coco Key; 3580 East Main Street, Waterbury KEY NOTE SPEAKER: Rose Holbrook from CHFA (Ct Housing Finance Authority) will discuss her agencies programs available for housing purchase and rehabilitation.…Read More

Update From 5/20 Stakeholders Meeting

Thanks are in order to Coalition director Sharon Hallock who prepared the agenda and moderated yesterdays meeting. The purpose of the gathering was to have an opening discussion with city stakeholders and non-profit agencies about the conditions impacting…Read More

Waterbury Housing Forumn 2010: The Date Is Set; June 16th at 6:30

The location for the housing forum is the Holiday Inn located at 3580 East Main Street, formerly know as the Sheraton Hotel. This event is being sponsored by The Greater Waterbury Board of Realtors and the CT Housing Finance Authority (CHFA). There will be…Read More

Results of CHFA Meeting on 4/27/2010

On Tuesday took place with Coalition director Sharon Hallock from the Greater Waterbury Board of Realtors, Rose Holbrook, Marketing & Customer Service Coordinator from CHFA and myself. We discussed strategy and programs to develop affordable housing in…Read More
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