CCALS Newsletter!

Hi CCALS family! You should be receiving the spring 2010 newsletter in the mail soon if you haven't already. Can't wait for snail mail? Check out the following link to read it online! Let us know what you…Read More

CCALS mentioned on Matty in the Morning!!

Hi CCALS supporters! Client Jim Cotter and Board Member Grace Cotter were interviewed this morning on Matty in the morning. To listen, click the link below. CCALS is briefly mentioned around 7 1/2 minutes into the…Read More

CCALS mentioned in Globe Article!

Hi CCALS supporters! Last week, a feature article was published in the Globe about Doug Oakley's adventures around our country. Check it out at It is an inspiring article that we hope you enjoy! Let us know what you…Read More

Good Search

Hi supporters of the CCALS cause! CCALS is expanding its social media and is now on goodsearch. Goodsearch is an incredible search engine, which donates money to the charity of your choice each time you use it. It costs you absolutely no money and allows…Read More

Thank you!

Dear friends, With your help CCALS exceeded our goal of reaching 300 members by 2010! Thank you for your continual dedication to our cause! Help us reach 500 by inviting your friends to further show your support. As always, feel free to post questions,…Read More

We invite you to lead with Compassion

CCALS is happy to announce the launch of our leadership gift club. We invite you to become a leader in our organization and help us continue our important work. Click on the attached link to become a Compassionate Pioneer, a Compassionate Vanguard, or a…Read More

Help us spread compassion

Hi CCALS cause members! Your invaluable support has helped our cause group grow exponentially in the past few months. We encourage you to continue to invite your friends to join our cause. By being a member of our cause, and encouraging your friends to join,…Read More
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