To raise the consciousness of our society about the failure of our governmental agencies to protect victims of child abuse and to provide legal advocacy for abused children.

Each year, in almost half of all confirmed cases of child abuse, children do not receive any type of service to prevent re-abuse.

40-50% of all children who die from abuse and neglect in our country had previous referrals to agencies mandated by law to protect them. JFC believes that every one of these children could and should have been saved.

The CPS philosophy of reunifying abused children with their offender leads to abusive families recycling through protective services systems.

JFC believes the efforts of law enforcement to conduct a thorough investigation are thwarted by reporting criminal child abuse to a civil agency.

Family/domestic courts often fail to recognize legitimate allegations of child abuse in child custody cases and are insensitive to the best interest of the child.

1. The sexual and physical abuse of children must be stopped.