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3 Ways to Kick AIDS in Africa this Spring

Hello Grassroot Soccer Supporters!

Happy 2009! Here are three ways to join the GRS team to fight HIV and AIDS in Africa this spring.

1) Vote for GRS in the upcoming Nike/Ashoka "GameChangers: Change the Game for Women in Sport". Visit to register, join the GRS group and--most importantly--include your opinion about why GRS is super cool. The amount of participation determines who wins this round so, at the very least, please take five minutes of your facebook-related procrastination to do this!!!

2) Join LIVE CAMPUS 2009. Grassroot Soccer has been named as an official beneficiary of this awesome campaign that will hold concerts at college campuses nationwide to support organizations whose missions align with the Millennium Development Goals.

3) As always, hold a LOSE THE SHOES barefoot 3v3 soccer tournament at your school. Last year, 60 events raised over $100,000! Not bad for playing a little soccer. Check out to get started.

OR YOU COULD DO ALL THREE!! A million thanks for all your support.


PS In honor of the GameChangers competition to change the game for women in sport, here is an incredible short documentary of one of GRS' female trainers.

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