To fight discrimination against any person due to sex, gender, or sexuality, and advocate for legal change

There are a few gay rights cause groups on Facebook already, but I wanted to start a group with a broader focus. This group is inclusive of anyone who identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersexed (having sex chromosomes, genitalia and/or secondary sex characteristics that are neither wholly male or female), or queer in any other way (asexual [having no interest in sexual relationships], polyamorous [loving and being in a consensual, open relationship with multiple people at once], etc). This group is also inclusive of straight allies.

Please join this group if you think it is important to address the problems of sex, gender, and sexuality that everyone may face, including taking care to protect those who fall into the gray areas of sex, gender, and sexuality.

The money is going to the same place as a lot of other cause groups out there, but the point of making a separate group is to raise awareness of the other struggles besides just the gay rights struggle. The HRC is also inclusive of the struggle for transgender rights. For the HRC's mission statement, see here: http://www.hrc.org/about_us/2528.htm