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Winning the Victory

Fellow Antiochians,

We stand on the cusp of a huge victory: Independence for Antioch College. We have all, in a million different ways, contributed to the struggle for independence--and now we need to make the last big push.

Every day we get closer to finalizing the separation with the University, and Antiochians of all financial means are helping to close the deal by giving what they can.

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A few weeks ago, Duffy ‘77 gave his entire paycheck to the Fund for an Independent Antioch College and the NonStop Liberal Arts Institute. I myself just gave $25. I’m not asking you to give up a whole paycheck--but I am asking you to give. Every dollar puts us that much closer to Independence.

We have a huge opportunity--but without your help it will be harder to win this victory.

contribute here:

After you give, you can make a video or write a note to tell folks why you contributed to the cause and encourage them to do the same and post them on facebook.

Be Ashamed to Let it Die!
-Micah Canal ‘09

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