Help progressives leverage technology to win campaigns.

The New Organizing Institute was created in 2006 by experienced online organizers in conjunction with MoveOn.org to train tech-enabled political organizers to work for progressive campaigns and organizations.

In just its first year, the NOI has placed scores of graduates in key positions in campaigns, held trainings for over a hundred non-profit organizations, and brought together hundreds of top progressive organizers, campaign staff, bloggers, and authors through innovative "open-space" meetings—called Rootscamp. Today, NOI runs the only campaign training program in the country focusing on cutting-edge political technology and online organizing.

DONATIONS do go to NOI, even though the link
above says CPL. They're our fiscal sponsor.

1. Everyone's 1 hour of volunteer time, or $10 donation makes an impact -- if we coordinate our actions.

2. Email, Facebook, YouTube, blogs, txt msgs, etc are all ways to reach millions of other concerned citizens, and collaborate to maximize our impact.

3. We must integrate new communications and targeting tech into campaign strategy in order to win.

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