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Work with Farmers' Groups and Primary Schools


Dear Friends, Donors and Supporters

Our project commenced when Sara .E. Feldman arrived Cameroon from the USA, 03 January 2013. Sarah worked with us for 5 months, teaching agriculture and environmental sustainability in 4 primary schools in Bonduma, Bokoko, Tole villages and worked with 6 farmers groups in Tole village, great Soppo, Small soppo villages, Buea.

Doctor Ernest Molua and Acha from the department of agriculture, agricultural economics and businesses were able to make time from their busy schedule to deliver training sessions with farmers groups on agricultural entrepreneurship and agronomy respectively.

We are able to effectively recruit more than 15 agriculture students from the university of Buea to continue the work of Sara. These students were recruited by Sara before her departure to USA June 03, 2013. Picture attached.

We look forward to your continued support.

Thank you

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