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Every camper has a story. Here is perhaps our most powerful one...


first year, we had six eight year-old campers. One was a dark-haired,
quiet girl who had grown up on the West coast. Her dad wasn't in her life, and
her mother had died in a car crash. With her siblings, she had been moved
across the country to live with her grandmother in Maine. The girl never
smiled, not that first year, not the next year, or the following two years.
During Circle Time, when the girls shared their "stories" with their
cabin mates she held her pain and the facts of mom's death close to her heart. 

When our fifth year began, she was 12 and less guarded in her expression. It
was time for Circle Time in her bunk. Seven girls told their stories, all
sad, mostly tragic, of premature deaths by accident, illness, sudden heart
attack, murder. 

And then it was her turn. 

"So, my mom's car was
broken. She had no way to get home from work that night. She called a guy she
knew, a friend, to ask him to come pick her up when her shift ended. He did
come to get her. He was drunk."  

We had waited five years for her to
share her story. The safety she felt at Circle had finally empowered her to

Over the past 11 years,
between 350 and 400 girls have been Circle of Tapawingo campers. Please consider supporting Circle Camps ( as they provide grieving children with a fun, safe, and nurturing place each summer!

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