Our mission is to bring more awareness of NEEDS of other people. There is a great divide between the (haves) and the (havenots) There has been many organizations attempting to help, and yet it still isn't enough, as innocent children die each and everyday because they have NO FOOD, and NO SAFE CLEAN DRINKING WATER, and sanitation. We can change this, we need more people to become more aware and HELP. Many blessings.

In their own words... Its amazing how many causes go right to the roof and have so much exposure and most get on the band wagon and then they get awareness, I support many of these causes. When it comes to the causes of human beings, their Dignity, Respect, Equality and their rights, like their right to live, eat, be safe, grow and develop and not be exploited or abused, we fall very short. It seems that if we are not subjected to these unfortunate situations, we pretend they do not happen. We can stand united to yell and protest about freedom of speech and yet we can let others die because they have no food or drinking water. We who have been blessed to not have been born in a third world country pretend that most have what we have. If we are destitute there is hope, we can go to a soup kitchen or a food bank or a government agency and receive some help. Other countries do not have these. How is it , that as human beings we can sleep at night knowing that others will die because they have nothing??????????? Talk about mans inhumanity to man. Please help others less fortunate. Please love. Please care. Please let your voice be heard. Please , please, stand up for those who do not have choices.