preserve affordable housing by bringing volunteers and communities together to rehabilitate the homes of low-income homeowners

Rebuilding Together Richmond is the Richmond, Virginia affiliate of Rebuilding Together. The Rebuilding Together program exists in hundreds of communities throughout the country. Our program serves the City of Richmond.

Our focus is to provide warmth, safety, and independence to the elderly and disabled. We are rebuilding homes, and rebuilding lives.

Our program is centered around a one-day “blitz”, held the last Saturday in April, when over 1500 volunteers each year make both major and minor repairs to qualified homes.

Since our first project in 1993, the size and scope of our work has grown. We have now improved nearly 800 homes in sixteen communities, including Blackwell, Church Hill, Newtown South, Summerhill, Jefferson-Davis corridor, Maymont, Barton Heights, Montrose/National Heights, Providence Park, Swansboro, Oak Grove, Carver, Bellemeade, Byrd Park, Randolph and Highland Park.

This represents an estimated market value of more than $700,000 last year alone in home improvements, home repairs, and community revitalization project in at-risk neighborhoods.

Last year, we raised over $150,000, which was used to rehabilitate 42 homes in the Green Park and Highland View areas of the Highland Park neighborhood.

For more info: http://www.rebuildingtogetherrichmond.org/

Financial Highlights

Fiscal Year: July 1, 2007 - June 30, 2008

Total Income $ 227,726
Program Services $ 202,106
Administration $ 19,694
Fundraising $14,691
Other $6,464
Total Expenses $ 243,137
Beginning Fund Balance $208,305
Year-End Fund Balance $192,894

Amy King
Executive Director
Rebuilding Together of Richmond
P.O. Box 8508
Richmond, VA 23226

Office: 804.513.8628 Voice Mail: 804.739.3462

1. Rebuilding Together believes the disabled and elderly should be allowed to remain in their own homes whenever possible

2. We believe that homeowners displaced by natural disaster will get back into safe housing with help from the community

3. We believe that our nation’s veterans who return with disabilities deserve a helping hand so they may return to their own homes in basic comfort