Back to Stop medicaid from have a cut off coverage of 6 medications in Pennsylvania

What do you think needs do be done about this prescription limit of 6 per month on medicaid?

  • Up the limit to a more reasonable number set by dictators (0% people answered this)
  • To have no limit on most drugs just not drugs for stuff not really important like eg; appetite suppressants but you gotta ask who dictates which drugs are considered not important? (0% people answered this)
  • To fully banish the limit and make them cover more drugs people need and cannot get otherwise. (100% people answered this)
  • Or do nothing with that limit and let them further come out with something else and do nothing (0% people answered this)
  • No opinion / Neutral (0% people answered this)

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I am standing up for all the people on medicaid in Pennsylvania and elsewhere where this problem may exist where there is a limit on how many medications they cover in a month which here in Pennsylvania its 6. They will always approve what they deem "Life sustaining medications" and by that I mean these bureaucrats from causing trouble for millions of people who are on these programs. Let me show you an example why this needs to be banished this rule. I'm bipolar and have other mental issues such as anxiety which are severe lifetime disabilities and I'm forever disabled. Now my family doctor prescribed me a inhaler and blood pressure medication those are what they deem as life sustaining medications... Well I call any medicine for any sickness "Life sustaining medications" to maintain your health. Like they don't count my bipolar medicine which I was court ordered to take before in a criminal case involving my mental disability caused and now these bureaucrats say they are not life sustaining medications but yet my doctors have to submit a special over ride form which these medicaid bureaucrats can decline and they do most of the time according to my local pharmacy they know how many people suffer these problems. I'm prescribed over their 6 limit quota and them bureaucrats at UPMC For you told me to have all what they consider not important medications filled first then have the life sustaining medications filled after the quota of 6. That is almost impossible and dangerous for someone to have to hold off from taking their mental medications and blood pressure and breathing inhalers to the end of the month I cannot help how the pharmacy fills my prescriptions. Its time we all take a stand and stand up against these bureaucrats from making people suffer some people like me cannot afford to buy these expensive medications that I desperately need just as the many others in my situation and this big issue needs to be addressed. Mental medications are life sustaining medications. Any medication your doctor prescribes to you is life sustaining because they are used to sustain your over all health. I also have back issues 3 serious painful problems and they don't call any medicines that treat that life sustaining but I guess being on that scale the doctor uses to see your pain level 1-10 I'm a 8-9 it doesn't matter to these medicaid people. I guess severe acid and puke coming up in your throat and burning and eating away at your esophagus and cause cancers of the throat don't matter. And guess people with severe intestinal issues don't matter either because I have all these issues and none are considered life sustaining medications and my doctors don't know how to go about getting these goofy BLE form as they call it and once the medicaid company gets it they most of the time decline it. This has got to be stopped. Its dead wrong and can actually cause serious problems for people like me. You just cannot quit taking certain medication to get another. I had to quit 2 of my bipolar medications thanks to this 6 prescription limit.

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