My Apologies and WOW

First off, I want to tell everyone that I'm very sorry for my lack of attention to this worthy cause. My life is flipping around in so many areas. I had a friend the other day congratulate me on the 10,000 member mark and all the money donated so far. At…Read More

7,000 Mark!!!

Hello All I hope you all are having a great start to 2009. I'm sorry I haven't been on here lately and giving you all my reasons to keep inviting and spreading our message. However, it looks like this group has finally taken root and is really spreading…Read More

Getting Bigger

Hello All... It looks like the new year hasn't slowed us down any and the group is still continuing to grow. I'm glad that we have hit another thousand mark. It makes me feel a little better after recent events in my local town... Last tuesday night, a very…Read More

A New Year

Well, I hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday and New Years. Hope everyone remembered to tell family and friends how much you love them and make new year resolutions. I am in great awe everytime I look at this page on facebook. I know that it wasn't a…Read More

Sorry Sorry Sorry

Hey Everyone, Sorry I haven't written anything in awhile. I know that you all were probably just as or most likely even more busy than me during this time of the year. I hope everyones holiday went smoothly and hope you are all getting geared up for the new…Read More


Just amazing again. I never thought that this little group I started after I was inspired by a summer camp speaker would grow as big as it has. I wish I could have enough time to talk to everyone and share our thoughts and feelings. Please, put down what you…Read More

Just "WOW"!!!!

This group is growing by the minutes. It really makes me feel like this is a worthy cause to see the numbers up everytime I log in and look. I first started this cause after my student council leadership camp this past summer after hearing a speaker and our…Read More
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