Using the beats of our generation to provide hope for the next!

NextAid is an LA based nonprofit organization that harnesses the power of music to support sustainable development projects that serve vulnerable children, youth and women in Africa. Through music events and public education initiatives, NextAid provides empowering opportunities for concerned individuals to make a difference. More information at www.nextaid.org

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Our sustainable development projects in Africa:

Promoting Self-Sufficiency Through Enterprise in Kenya

Since 2008, NextAid has collaborated with the Kawangware Vision Centre (KVC) in the Kawangware slum bordering Nairobi, Kenya. KVC is a locally created and managed organization started by former street child to provide positive opportunities to get kids off the streets and support vulnerable children at risk of engaging in street life. The organization runs a micro-business making silk screened gift bags out of recycled paper. NextAid has partnered with KVC to build a new “green” workshop and multipurpose facility to expand their operation and ultimately serve more youth. www.africabags.com

Kibera Girls Soccer Academy, Kenya

NextAid partnered with the Kibera Girls Soccer Academy (KGSA) in 2011 to help raise funds and awareness for this incredible community-run school that provides free high school education to girls in the slum of Kibera. This school is the only option for many girls in the slum to further their studies because in Kenya, only primary education is free and compulsory. In five years, KGSA has passed 266 girls through their high school. Their current enrollment is at 130 girls, ages 14-18, across four grade levels. This partnership aligns with NextAid’s programmatic focus on girls and women. Donations to NextAid can be designated to support KGSA and the funds will support the school’s greatest needs, such as teacher salary stipends for $50-$100 per month.

Maternal and Reproductive Health

NextAid is helping to bring much needed resources and support to the women, girls, and mothers of Africa. We are working in partnership with select African First Ladies to support existing programs and establish new projects that target women and girls’ reproductive health. These projects, supporting the global movement towards achieving Millennium Development Goal #5 (reduction of maternal mortality), engages grassroots activism, high-level advocacy and creative design to show impact and inspire change. Currently, we are supporting planning and design for a maternal health resource center in Sierra Leone.

Making School Accessible for Orphans in South Africa

Continuing the legacy of NextAid’s first sustainable development project that supported children orphaned by AIDS in South Africa, we are committed to meeting critical education needs for children and youth in the country. Although primary and secondary education is technically free for orphans in the government school system, many children are deterred from attending due to the costs of required uniforms and supplies. Working with trusted South African partner organizations, NextAid’s school kit vouchers provide the most vulnerable children with a full uniform, shoes, backpack and stationary supplies. In 2010, NextAid supported the education of nearly 200 orphans in South Africa.

1. There is a connection between our actions and the fortunes or misfortunes of others around the world.

2. The growing AIDS pandemic must be stopped.

3. Children in Africa deserve a safe and sustainable living environment.

4. The degradation of the environment and the economy has impacted the rise of AIDS in Africa.

5. We can all help to make a tangible difference in the lives of African children in need.