End impaired driving and get stiffer penalties for driving under the influence

There is a serious problem with people when despite all the articles and warnings and news stories, people still choose to drink and drive and put their life, and more importantly, the lives of innocent people on the line.

Not only that, when people get caught driving drunk, they get a slap on the wrist. The current penalties for this serious crime are ridiculous. I think that if you get caught and blow over once, your license should be immediately suspended for a year plus you should pay a $1,000 fine. If after that it happens again, your license should be revoked forever, you pay a $10,000 fine, and you do 6 months in jail. Period.

So many people are dying as a result of this problem and it needs to be dealt with way more seriously by our government and in turn, the police that enforce the laws.

1. Drinking and driving needs to end immediately

2. People have the right to feel safe while driving and walking