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80,000 service sector jobs lost overseas - what's been your experience?

This week the ASU and FSU launched a report we commissioned from the National Institute of Economic and Industry Research (NIEIR) into offshoring of service sector jobs. It has confirmed that Australia has lost over 80,000 jobs offshore in the last four years with 20,000 set to go each year unless action is taken.

You might have seen this story covered on last night's episode of The Project

This serious risk facing the services sector includes people working in call centres and customer contact centres, whether contract or in house. You can read about it here:

** We want to hear from you about your experiences of offshoring.

Have you ever lost a job that was sent overseas? Have any of your colleagues? Has your company been considering offshoring?

Please share your stories with us so we can build a better picture of what is going on in the call centre sector.

Call Centre Workers - it's your call
You can also post your story on our ASU Facebook page in response to any of the items about offshoring we have posted in the last few days:

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