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Bullied boy All Smiles after operation to fix ears

Born with Down Syndrome, 15-year-old Charlie Cardillo has been taunted all his life because his ears didn't have the usual folds and ridges and flopped forward. Now, after LBFF provided him with free.

Nothing Feels as Good as Helping a Child in Need!

Remember how hard high school was? Now, can you imagine what it is like for children born with severe facial deformities? LBFF provides surgeries for kids missing ears, with misaligned jaws, cleft lip/cleft palate, and other extreme conditions.

Plastic Surgery Yo Prevent Bullying

We have gotten a huge response from the segment on Little Baby Face Foundation providing free surgery to 7-year old Samantha Shaw. Please donate so we can continue helping children like Samantha whose families cannot afford surgery. Our top NYC plastic…Read More
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