Nurturing Care For Chinas Orphaned Children

Half the Sky provides individual nurture and stimulation for babies, innovative preschools that encourage an early love of learning, personalized learning opportunities for older children, and loving, and most important, permanent foster homes for children whose special needs will keep them from being adopted.

Half the Sky's board of directors brings together child development experts and professionals from all walks of life, united in their concern for children who have no families to speak for them.

In welfare institutions across China, in offices in Beijing, Hong Kong and the United States, hundreds of Half the Sky staff members work to make certain that each of China's orphans knows that someone cares.

*all information is taken from the Half the Sky Foundation website.

1. To ensure that every one of China's orphans has a caring adult in his/her life.

2. Because every child, no matter how humble his/her beginnings, deserves loving care, and a chance at a bright future.