Be in Philly May 13 & 14!

The MOVE Organization will have events marking May 13th and continuing the fight for the release of the MOVE 9. Friday May 13, Screening "August 8, 1978" to understand the unjust incarceration of the MOVE 9 and how that lead to the bombing on May 13,…Read More

Call the Parole Board!

Via Iresha Picot August 17 at 1:57pm The information below is from Phil Africa on behalf of the MOVE 9. Nine Black men and women who are serving a 30-100 year sentence for the murder of a cop back in 1978. After completing their minumum sentence of thirty…Read More

Demonstrate for the MOVE 9 in Philly 8/7/10!

This call comes from Ramona Africa. New Yorkers, please call the Hotline at 212-330-8029 to travel with the NY Coalition to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal. ONA MOVE, All! As I'm sure you all know, this August 8th marks 32 years of unjust imprisonment for The MOVE 9.…Read More

Ramona's report back from 7/8 in court

LONG LIVE JOHN AFRICA’S REVOLUTION As most of you no doubt know by now, we had a hearing in court today, July 8th, on the murder complaints that we filed against officials involved in the May 1985 bombing and murder of innocent MOVE family members. The issue…Read More

Interview with Ramona Africa re: the MOVE 9

Watch the video at this link: The MOVE 9 Parole Hearings --An interview with Ramona Africa By Angola 3 News Video-interviewed by Angola 3 News in May, 2010, Ramona Africa…Read More

Chuck out of the hole thanks to your work! MOVE women denied parole & more!

In this email: 1. Update on Chuck and the MOVE women. 2. MOVE 9 Cards to print and distribute. 3. HRC letter writing night for the MOVE 9 ONA MOVE, Everybody! There are some new developments with the MOVE family that you should know about. Thanks to all of…Read More

Upcoming MOVE 9/Mumia events in Philly

Friends of MOVE gathered on Father's Day (now that's commitment!) to make signs and flyers for upcoming MOVE & Mumia events. If anyone can help with copies please email [email protected] The flyers are attached via link so please copy and distribute! On…Read More
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