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Chuck out of the hole thanks to your work! MOVE women denied parole & more!

In this email:
1. Update on Chuck and the MOVE women.
2. MOVE 9 Cards to print and distribute.
3. HRC letter writing night for the MOVE 9

ONA MOVE, Everybody! There are some new developments with the MOVE family that you should know about. Thanks to all of your hard work Chuck is out of the hole. I spoke to the Superintendent and he specifically talked about the calls they received at SCI-Retreat from all over the country. Also. our sisters got their response from the parole board. Janine and Debbie got a two year setback and Janet, for no specific reason, got a three year setback. We have not heard from Delbert or Mike yet and Phil & Eddie won't see the parole board until later this year. We will keep you informed. We ask that you keep those calls and letters going the parole board. It's no different than the prisons. Parole boards may be a lil harder nut to crack but they can be cracked thru consistent pressure. Also, we want to start pushing for the ACLU or such legal rights organizations to file a class action law suit against parole officials based on the fact that demanding an inmate say their guilty as a condition of parole is unconstitutional among other issues. Stay strong and remember a strong consistent example will defeat the enemy every time. ONA MOVE----Ramona


Attached are the Free the MOVE 9 cards that we are going to print and circulate, just to bring some light back on the case. There are three different versions of the cover and they all have the same information on the back.

Peace & Blessings,

Come to the joint HRC Newsletter Packing Night & "Free the Move 9" Letters to Parole Board!
Wednesday July 7, 6-9m, LAVA space 4134 Lancaster Ave

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