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SunTrust Response to Petition

SunTrust was made aware of the petition and we received this response (on April 18). Very sorry about the delay in posting it. I have not had sufficient time to investigate this further, but would welcome the help of anyone that is in the local Augusta area that would be able to follow-up with Golden Harvest Food Bank and/or interview 'local law enforcement' to determine who actually made the decision to keep local residents from using the abandoned merchandise.

The response is from SunTrust PR.


"Thank you for your email, Mr. Dickinson.

The events at the Laney Supermarket in Augusta did not unfold as planned, and we regret this situation. We were told that arrangements had been made for a local charity to pick up the food from the store, but that did not occur. When hundreds of people crowded the grocery store parking lot to pick up merchandise, law enforcement told bystanders they would not be allowed to take away goods, and indicated this was a public safety issue.

Contrary to some reports, nonperishable groceries were sorted by Thompson Building Wrecking Company and donated to Golden Harvest Food Bank. Perishable food had to be taken to a landfill for health reasons.

SunTrust actively supports Golden Harvest Food Bank in Augusta and many other community organizations. As part of our longstanding partnerships and commitment to community organizations throughout the regions we serve, the SunTrust Foundation has provided more than $364,000 to food banks in the last five years, and our teammates have contributed significant volunteer hours at community food organizations across our footprint.

Thank you for the opportunity to respond.

Kind regards,
Mike McCoy"

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