Toby's story: 

In Texas August 2007, three young boys kidnapped a neighbor's 5-month-old Pomeranian puppy, named Toby, and took him to an abandoned house. There, they climbed to the top of the building and repeatedly threw this poor pup off the edge, breaking all of his legs. They then strung him upside down BY HIS BROKEN LEGS and proceeded to hit him repeatedly with a wooden board embedded with nails, basically treating this tortured puppy like a piñata. These young monsters then lit his genitals on fire. One of them grabbed a pocketknife and started to cut Toby's throat. It was at this point that this poor, victimized pup died of his wounds. 

  The boys who committed this terrible murder were 12, 14, and 16 years of age at the time it occurred, and although they were initially arrested and had their day in court, they were sentenced with mercy due to their ages. The prosecutor, whose very job consists of fighting for the victim regardless of what age the perpetrator might be, was the first to tell the media, "They are just children." 

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Toby was killed by some "young offenders" in 2007. 

Someone has taken the time to restart another petition for Toby's Law in 2013. 

Please take the time to sign and share this petition so that Toby will never be forgotten. Thank you.

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