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The Time is when if not now?

By creating a
governmental charity and making it a tax reduction, we will be able to allocate
our tax dollars to specific governmental functions, so giving taxpayers the
ability to reflect their individual will on what their tax dollars are being
spent on. This notion of a divided nation is a misrepresentation of a
pluralistic society, which is being stifled by the
infighting of political gridlock plaguing nations worldwide.

The notion that
majority or minority must rules all others will be refined to a system that empowers tax payers with self-representation, avoiding the disenfranchising of vast numbers of the tax paying public.

This old ruling
hierarchy is antiquated and contrary to the individual pursuit of freedom.
Giving people the ability to allocate their tax dollars to specific
governmental functions, is an evolutionary change of self-representation, where
no one is made an exclusionary group. By using the current existing structure
of government and applying these refinements, we will discover that what feels
Revolutionary in principal is just evolutionary of intelligent design. (

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