Help fight hunger in Haiti! Donations made on this Cause page will purchase food for children in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and be given to a children's feeding program run by Elsie Lherisson!

LemonAID FOR HAITI was founded on one simple but transformative notion that ANYONE can make a difference and help others in greater need! So three children in Brooklyn started a lemonade stand and children in Colorado joined them. And before you know it, children sent 2,250 pounds of rice to Haiti! Just think of what WE can do to help children in Haiti!

With that in mind we want you to know where your money is going! LemonAID FOR HAITI has partnered with the 501c3 Artists in Christian Testimony, International (ACT). They account for the donations given, provide tax deductible receipts, and then give LemonAID FOR HAITI 90% of the donations to purchase food for Haiti! The other 10% is the administration fee for their service! LemonAID FOR HAITI then purchases food for children in Haiti!

THANK YOU for your generous contributions!

1. Anyone can make a difference!

2. For the cost of a cup of gourmet coffee, you could feed 4 children a well balanced meal! ($4.40)

3. In 2009, children in Brooklyn and Colorado held lemonade stands and sent 2,250 pounds of rice

4. This Port-au-Prince feeding program feeds 600-700 children twice a week! Help is ALWAYS needed! :o)

5. Together, we can make a difference!