Foundation Rwanda is a major part of our lives, and we ask that you please support us in this campaign to provide bikes to students in Rwanda who were born from rapes committed during the 1994 genocide.  Foundation Rwanda (FR) has dramatically improved - if not saved - the lives of thousands of women and children by granting a mother's wish to give hope to her child.  We met at the very first board meeting of Foundation Rwanda - a meeting that changed our lives in so many wonderful ways and fulfilled our wishes as well!  The FR students turned 18 this year, and what better way to celebrate than to give them a birthday gift that enables them to achieve their dreams? 

FR grants the one wish of women who became pregnant as a result of the sexual violence they suffered during the 1994 genocide - that the child they gave birth to has a chance.  Has hope.  Has a better future by receiving an education.  FR's programs provide the fees and necessary support for more than 800 students in Rwanda to attend secondary school.  We have discovered that giving a student a bike, such a simple gift, dramatically improves not only their education, but also their lives and the lives of their families and villages.  They no longer spend valuable hours walking to and from school, to and for water, to and for health care.... they have a tool that gives them the ability to achieve more, allows them to accomplish their goals and offers them HOPE.

And a bit of incentive....

A once in a lifetime dinner --

DONATE $300 = Join Sara and Aidan for a special dinner in our home in NYC (after we move back this year!), with a meal cooked by the incredibly talented Chef Gabe Thompson and his amazing wife Chef Katherine Thompson of L'Artusi, dell'anima and L'Apicio, who will cook for us and then dine and drink wine with us late into the night!  (circa Dec 2013 - Jan 2014)

DONATE $500 = Bring a guest with you to the special dinner in our home with the Chefs!

Or (and!) an unforgettable evening of wine --

DONATE $150 = Join us for a fun night of wine tasting and nibbles at our home, with the wine curated by the seriously famous Joe Campanale of L'Artusi, dell'anima and L'Apicio, who was named one of the top Sommeliers of 2013! (circa Nov-Dec 2013)

DONATE ANY AMOUNT = We will be absolutely grateful and thankful for anything you can spare to help the students and mothers in Rwanda.  We know there are so many worthy causes out there and any support at all is so appreciated.  And every dollar / pound / euro truly does make a difference in their lives.

Please follow the links to donate from our page - it happens to be a contest, and Sara does like winning... the more money raised, the more bikes built, the more years of education, the more the world changes (and we win;) - win-win-win-win-win!!!  www.causes.com/tourdeforce