To promote excellence wherever religion and the arts meet.

Religion and art need each other.

IMAGE Journal is a widely circulated and respected literary journal which serves as the premier meeting point for religion and the arts.

One of the ironies of the modern period has been the persistent estrangement between organized religion and the art world. Perhaps we are now in a better position to allow genuine art and authentic religious experience to nurture each other.

When we lack the kind of attention which only the imagination can provide, we make it more difficult to live the life of faith. And art, when it sees no creation to celebrate, and no soul in need of saving, loses its respect for truth.

To be sure, Image is an ambitious project. But nothing short of the "violence" of this commitment will be able to sustain the necessary but daunting task of intruding upon the timeless.

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1. Restoring Beauty to its rightful position alongside the True and the Good.

2. Making Image a showcase for art inspired by Judeo-Christian faith—art with the power to engage and transform the mainstream of contemporary culture.

3. Deepening the compassion and cultural engagement of the faith community by enabling it to draw more fully on the virtues of art and the imagination.

4. Providing both nurture and the challenge of high aesthetic standards to artists and writers whose work is informed by faith.