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Beloved Friends,
The video of “Osho Discourse on Copyright & Trademark” was uploaded on by “Osho Friends International” and following link was sent to

Osho International, Zurich complained to Youtube for removal of the video as they claim to have the Trade Marks and Copyrights of Osho.

The video has been removed by YouTube on the complaint.

This is not the first time that an Osho video has been removed from YouTube. Osho is for the humanity. Existence has no limits, no trade marks. Meditation cannot be copyrighted by anyone.Osho's discourses belong to the 6 billion humans of this earth.

And how did Osho International of Zurich get the rights to decide who should listen to Osho and who should not? Are the Osho Centres started with His Blessings many years ago, franchisees of this Zurich outfit?

What is your opinion?

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and express your feelings.

Anand Kamal

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