Your opinion is important...please express yourself

Beloved Friends, The video of “Osho Discourse on Copyright & Trademark” was uploaded on by “Osho Friends International” and following link was sent to you. Osho International, Zurich complained to…Read More

A Master's work is Disciples Birthright

Beloved Friends, OSHO FAN PAGE (Link given below) is thankful to the overwhelming response from all you friends. The membership has crossed the 5000…Read More

Truth can come only in a deep receptivity

Truth can come only in a deep receptivity. One has to be feminine to receive truth. One has to be just a womb to become pregnant with God. Yes, that is exactly the way God comes, beauty comes, truth comes, meditation comes. All that is really valuable always…Read More

I am not here to make you a slave.............

I am not here to make you a slave in any way, because I have no ideology. Even if you want to depend on me you cannot, I am absolutely undependable! Even if you want to cling to me you cannot, because I am not there. And I have no doctrine and no scripture…Read More

God is that which happens

To me, God is that which happens -- not the creator, but that which goes on happening. God means that which goes on happening eternally. So anything that happens is God. You and everyone are happenings. This eternal happening is God. There is no creator and…Read More


Dear Friends Do you know that OSHO (the name), his audio/video discourses, his paintings, his pictures and his meditation techniques have been patented by OSHO International Foundation?!?!? Do you not think and believe that OSHO is one of the only rays of…Read More
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