Children are taken everyday in florida by Department of Children and Families violating the civil rights of children and parents by not giving Due process(do not inform of allegations)and thereby seizing children unconstittionally in secret.You hav a right to be served as parents,A right to be present at all phases,and a right to refute or rebut thier allegations throughout the process.The Attorney General Pam Bondi allows her Assistants to not make sure these processes are done and legal........................................................................................ WE THE UNDERSINGED,hereby sign and submitt this petion to the Governor Of The State Of Florida(Rick Smith),As well as the Attorney General(Pam Bondi), To take responsability for,and properly require all filings of the DEPARTMENT OF CHILDREN AND FAMILIES OF FLORIDA, to conform to the FLORIDA RULES OF FAMILY COURT as to proper service, and filing in the proper courts of jurisdiction.And also conform and follow legislative intents of Florida Statue 394.492(6)f.s2013. In addition to Chapter 39 of the florida statutes.

Pursuant to Charmains Nightmare viodeos(parts 1 and 2)listed on youtube and Presented before the Atoorney General and Governor of Fla. with phone calls of american citizens, as well as florida residence, has been void of response either accepting or denying the facts presented therein.

In addition, A florida Forensic state program coordinator,who has reveiwed over 4,987 competency evaluations expressed his concerns on the Department of Children And Families Of Florida facebook page, and created LAZY DCF WORKERS facebook page, to raise awareness of DCF negligence and clear violations of fla.statute 394.492(6) by using state evaluators instead of impartial independent experts in violation of the statute,

; of which has been recognized in the recent revesal of the 5th district court of appeals in florida,cited as:Bronson v. State 89 so3d 1088,1089-1090.

THE LAYMANS PURPOSE AND EXPLANATION OF THIS PETITION. The state of Florida,s Governor and his appointment of the Head of DCF, IS responsable for thier adherance to the laws passed by the congress and senate; of which he has turned a blind eye when presented with the denial of due process by the department in their investigations, and work on family and childrens issues resulting in ripping families apart as a dictatorial entity ,[ and we do what we want and the heck with the laws and court procedures]. Further as this Fla,Forensics expert has been trying to bring the denial of proper evaluations, and processes violated under the laws that were supose to govern the sychevaluations of children, has been denied proper hearing by these elected officials.

If we do not force these 2 officials to enforce the law as we elected them to do, and impliment proper supervisors,or hire compotent employees in these positions in the court levels?  your child, like mine,can be and will be kidnapped by state sanction in a court of law, and lost forever with the feeling of abadonement and never knowing why.PLEASE HELP SAVE OUR CHILDREN FROM A FREE RUNNING GOVERNMENT WHO CARES MORE ABOUT SAVING MONEY TO FURTHER THIER POLITICAL CAREERS AS BUDGET FRIENDLY FOR RE-ELECTION, RATHER THAN HELP THE CHILDREN OF WHICH THEY ARE RESPONSABLE TO DO AND THE JUDGES AS A MATTER OF A FIDUCIARY DUTY IN LOOKING AT EACH INDIVIDUAL CASE is required to do under judicial administrative rules as well as the rules of court!!!! Please go to youtube Charmains Nightmare (parts 1 and 2),Lazy DCF workers facebook page,Department of children and families facebook page, (twitter)@TrishWestover , as well as @EBluther twitter sites, to get all the information regaurding this petition and see the abuse of law, and the conveyor belt practice to committ and steal children without following legislators intent through statutes.(note) on the DCF wall, as you scroll down through the last few weeks? DCF is continueing to comment they are talking to me Daniel Lucien St.Germain (the author herein) Of which they are not and have now Violated in whole 42 U.S.C subsections 1983,1985,1986;1987.This is the intent to deny civil right and being in the capcity to intervene and failing to do so have entered into a conspiracy under this section, to abuse thier power while acting under the color of law.