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Hi All,

Just wanted to share a few updates in case you've missed a few things going on via our Facebook page. We're still waiting to hear back from the IRS regarding our application for non-profit status - which would make all donations tax-deductible and would allow us to seek substantial funding from grants, foundation, as well as corporations and personal supporters. It's been just about 5 months since it was sent out and our lawyers have told us it usually takes around 6. So fingers-crossed!

We've hit a record 9,000 Facebook fans, which is awesome considering how difficult this topic is for many people to want to be involved in. We are praying that it is a sign we are effectively changing the way people think and also that we've connected with a lot of people who truly understand the issues surrounding child sexual abuse and support our efforts!

We've recently donated $5,000 to Mass Citizens for Children, lead organization behind the Enough Abuse Campaign, for an upcoming Prevention Summit, with the goal of uniting and educating school and youth-serving organizations about preventing child sexual abuse in such settings.

As a member of their board, I have to admit that it is disappointing how difficult it is to gain funding for prevention education. We know the economy is still in a rough spot but time and time again Mass Kids has been told that preventing child sexual abuse is simply "not on the radar" for many of the foundations and grants that are being offered.

A contribution of ANY value to Enough Abuse will allow this organization to continue to raise awareness for communities to come together and take responsibility for protecting children. Here is the link, if you are able to make ANY contribution :

I have begun to draft an outline for a comprehensive Mama Bear Effect Abuse Prevention Booklet for parents and others that want to be educated make a difference, and we've also had a few guest blog posts that I'd like to share.

The first addresses the even more silent epidemic regarding the abuse of special needs children, who have been estimated to be three times more likely to suffer abuse than non-special needs children:

And the second, we just posted this morning, address some thoughts regarding a proposed law in Alabama requiring castration for repeat offenders:

We continue to send out our door hangers, new brochures and info cards to people around the world who have decided to make a difference in the fight to raise awareness for child sexual abuse. A big Thank You to those folks and if you have considered, but haven't done so - please check out what we're offering through our website to enable you to make a difference in your community!

Thanks again and we hope to have more positive news soon!


Adrianne Simeone


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