April Child Abuse Prevention Door Hanger Campaign

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What's Going On In the Mama Bear Effect World

Hi All, Just wanted to share a few updates in case you've missed a few things going on via our Facebook page. We're still waiting to hear back from the IRS regarding our application for non-profit status - which would make all donations tax-deductible and…Read More

Be Entered for Our Giveaway Just for Joining our Mailing List!

We are working to establish a solid foundation for The Mama Bear Effect, we realize it's time to set up a mailing list so we can show grantors and various funding sources that we are well-supported by our audience and that people want to be part of our work…Read More

Fox News Addresses Court-Ordered Child Abuse Issues

Finally, a news station that has the courage to talk about the many cases where a child is being put into the custody of an abusive parent. Judges negating and not believing protective parents - despite evidence, testimony from the children themselves and…Read More


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