truelife is at a very important moment. Just to refresh your memory... truelife is a two part project. First we are answering life's hard questions with our 30 professors and we also will serve as an Eharmony for churches and people. This is a very timely…Read More

New Logo

Let me know what you think! Our new web designs are looking amazing. We are on track to launch our website in a couple months. Keep praying!!

True Life, Please Read

To the True Life team, I hope you are well and that our Lord and Savior is a true comfort to you. Eighteen percent of the voters yesterday were 30 and younger and only 32 percent voted for McCain. Sixty-eight percent voted for a president that openly mocked…Read More

Conference Call Prayer Meeting for True Life

Do you want to see God move AND be a part of it? Will you pray with us? True Life is going to change the world for Christ, but absolutely nothing will be accomplished with out prayer. Join us in prayer as we spend about 30 minutes to an hour praising God and…Read More

Mallory Anne Self / Prayer Conference Calll

True Life Headquarters is happy to announce that our sister Mallory Anne Self has been selected to be True Life’s Prayer Coordinator and will conduct our first prayer conference call. I have had the privilege of interviewing Mallory several times last week…Read More

Call to prayer :)

Here is a list of the contributing professors so far. Please pray for each of them and for True Life as we work to fulfill God's mission to reach the world with His truth effectively. Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary Dr. Shawn C. Madden – How did…Read More

a MUST read if you're a True Lifer ( in the True Life Cause )

I wanted to let you know that I am headed to Liberty University tomorrow. I'm meeting with hopefully 6 professors. Dr. Borland, Dr. Wheeler, Dr. Jenkins, Dr. Yates, Dr. Dewitt and Dr. Martin. These are some of the professors involved with the filming of our…Read More
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