Greetings from Mauricio and Devin,

We are the directors of the Project Nicaragua UC Berkeley Chapter and we've both been lucky to be involved in development volunteering projects in Nicaragua over the years. Having seen so many people with inadequate water access we both felt strongly compelled to make a difference. 

In Nicaragua and many parts of the world diarrhea is a leading cause of death in children, most of these deaths can be prevented by simply providing clean water

At UC Berkeley we came across the opportunity to make our vision a reality when we started the Berkeley Chapter of this national non-profit. Since the the spring of 2011, we've used the resources and knowledge available to us to organize a water filtration and education project. We've gathered a team of 10 passionate and dedicated individuals to help us with the planning and implementation of this project in the region of Esteli Nicaragua this June. 

Please help us get to Nicaragua to help these communities help themselves. Please read below to for information on our project. 

Summer 2013 Community Water Filter Project:

Project Nicaragua is a national non-profit which advocates and cultivates sustainable medical and health-related projects in areas of nutrition, socioeconomic development, water quality and education. 

The UC Berkeley Chapter will be implementing a water filter project in the region of Esteli Nicaragua this coming June. We are working in collaboration with La FEM a Nicaraguan NGO centered on the empowerment of women, we are fundraising to purchase filters from Waves4Water. If there is additional funding we will also construct a school or community garden. 

The filters will be installed amongst the 17 women-led agricultural fair-trade cooperatives housed under La FEM. In addition to the installations we will host a series of workshops on how to install and use the filters, water sanitation, the environment, and health and nutrition for the communities we'll be working in.

The Berkeley Chapter will be traveling with a group of around 10 students to the region of Esteli Nicaragua. We are fundraising to purchase as many filters as possible to broaden our impact for these communities in which around 12,000 people reside. The NGO we are working with has identified the following communities as the most in need and with the most children: El Colorado, Los Llanos, Guasuyuca, el Jocote, La Quinta, San Ramón, La Fraternidad, El Horno y San Luis

Each $50 we raise from this source will go towards purchasing and implementation of a Waves4Water MVP filter, which can provide clean water to 100 people for 5 years.

This presentation has additional information, we presented it to UC Berkeley School of Public Health for which we received a grant for.

For additional question you can contact the Project Nicaragua UC Berkeley Chapter Directors at [email protected]

Thank you for contributing to our efforts of providing clean water access for those in need.