How much time does travelling on bike save Jean Paul vs. travelling on foot (10 miles)

1/2 hour (50% people answered this) 1 hour (50% people answered this) 3 hours (0% people answered this) 7 hours (0% people answered this) 2 people answered. ---------- Correct answer is: 3 hours Reason #3 For every 10 miles traveled, a bike…Read More

Foundation Rwanda: Bike To A Better Future

Please help me fundraise for Foundation Rwanda so I can go on a bike build trip. I am really passionate about participating in this cause because I have visited Africa in the past and the children made an incredible impact on me.…Read More

Reason #2 to support my team!

REASON #2: 1 year of education + 1 bike = hope.  Donate to my team here & help me win a trip to Rwanda:  [Insert Vanity URL]

Reason #1 to support my team!

I'm on a mission to give bikes and hope to Foundation Rwanda students. Over the next four weeks, I'll share 12 Reasons of why you should support my Team competing to sponsor 10 students and to win a trip to Rwanda. REASON #1: You can change a life for the…Read More
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