Keep Sharing the Awareness of Hinduism

Hari Hi Om Hinduism is Not religion its Ideal way of Living , Hinduism is not collection of cultural practices, Hinduism is Collection of Best Practices of Life. Best knowledge we can get in life. Best healthy way of living , Lovable and Happy Life…Read More

Hindu Marriages are not just collection of Rituals but Collection of Scientific practices

Sanskrit in London schooling Then Why not in India

In a few British Schools Sanskrit has been made a compulsory language. Such British Schools see no problem with making Sanskrit a compulsory subject for their students. In the words of British teachers... "Sanskrit scriptures are inspiring... (sanscrit)…Read More

Dashavatars - Hidden Messages for Man Kind

Science says Energy and hinduism Says as God

We totally agree..with this...God ..nothing but energy in entire universe..its entire energy which existed ..existing ..and will exists can neither be created nor destroyed...all things starts from God...and end too is truth...he lies within us…Read More

What does Hinduism Teach us ?

Many people being hindu doesnt know what it really teach us its not just having many gods and many stories and epics. one who understand hinduism can know solutions to problems. I can give simple Example how hinduism convey messages .  Consider 3 gods Brahma,…Read More


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