Don't Erase My History at Santa Cruz Film Festival, 2009

"Don't Erase My History" is also being featured at the Santa Cruz Film Festival this May! (Date and time TBA.)

Don't Erase My History at NFFTY Festival, 2009

"Don't Erase My History" is being featured at the NFFTY Film Festival in Seattle on Sunday, April 26. If you are in the area, stop on by! If you've seen the film, go to their site to help create buzz about this incredible…Read More

Due Process Pack & Ship Party in Concord, March 21, 8am to noon

This is soooo big – wait until you see what Due Process has turned into... Read More… If you had any part in this project, and/or know of someone else who should be included – you MUST come and help celebrate this special moment in Ally Action history!!! We…Read More

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Jan. 27, 2009: Equality on Campus Day

January 27: Equality on Campus Day For more information, please visit: Calling all LGBT students and their allies! This is your chance to join forces with all the other high school and college students across the country in the…Read More

Ally Action has a new Page / Educator Forum about Proposition 8

Please check out Ally Action's new Page on Facebook! On our page, you'll find information about an upcoming forum for Educators who are looking for support in the wake of Proposition 8. Please share with teachers in the Bay Area that you know!

No on Prop 8 demonstration in San Leandro this Sunday!!!

Hi everyone! So last week, me and my mom drove by Bayfair Mall in San Leandro, and we saw a row of ladies with big smiles and "Yes on 8!" signs- these people are spreading a msg of hate and we need to do something about it... "Yes on 8" is infesting San…Read More
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