Help our cast take the message of domestic violence in the church to the stage via our production, "A Change Is Gonna Come".  We have been selected to promote this great cause on a global and national platform at the DC Black Theater, June 21 - June 30.   "A Change Is Gonna Come" depicts domestic violence at the hands of a prominent Pastor.  Witness a pastor's attempt to "cover up" and protect the public image of her abusive husband, while here self-esteem is being torn apart, in the name of religious submissiveness. Our goal is to raise awareness in order to present methods and resources of intervention and prevention. 

We uniquely have cast members merging from Washington, DC and Charlotte, NC to depict this great cause. We need your help to assist us in meeting the expenses required to attend and participate in this festival.  Any amount of donation will be greatly appreciated.

Religious abuse, erroneous interpretation and manipulation of the scriptures to control or victimize a spouse is one of many forms of domestic violence.  Historically, religious leaders found it difficult to address domestic abuse--many times denying the existence of it in religious institutions.  After the death of women in their communities, many religious leaders have began to train clergy on domestic violence and to garner support for those within their congregation and communities that are being victimized,  Another "safe" and "lighter-hearted" method to address this topic is via theatrical means. For the last six years, I have been taking this message of domestic violence to the stage in Washington, DC, Virginia, and North Carolina mainly utilizing my own personal resources and my friends.  Each time, we were successful.  We could really use your help in continuing this work.  There is a participation fee for being selected for the festival.  We could use your help to assist us and the other logistical expenses we will incur.  Any amount will be a great help.