The vast majority of the problems facing Britain today and indeed all of the countries around the world can be directly attributed to CORRUPTION IN POLITICS.  This corruption is rooted in the political party system where politicians can hide behind and operate corrupt scams against the interest of the common people with total impunity to any form of social justice.

This root cause of our countries problems must be sorted out before we as a nation can address all the other problems that stem from it.

To do this we need to unite the country as one voice but this cannot be done under the present divisive political system.

We cannot have a united country if the party political system divides the country into opposing political interest groups that compete to get their own political addenda enacted which is totally unacceptable from the common people's point of view.

This is because the common people of Britain are automatically forced to face the ongoing prospect of a newly elected government following totally different direction after each election. This constant seesaw effect of changing political direction every time the incoming government undoes all of the work of the previous government is very destabilizing and expensive for the common people and a really stupid way to run a country.

In a nutshell this system is fundamentally flawed and the only viable solution can be summed up as follows.

Abolish the whole idea of government and opposition, because every politician should have a free vote and be personally for or against individual issues and decisions.

Having the prime minister and the cabinet elected by all of the elected politicians because an individual can be sacked by a majority vote of the house and a party cannot.

Create a special police branch dedicated to driving out corruption of politics at all levels.

Making Lobbying illegal with punitive sentences for all concerned when it proved to be happening.

These are just a few of the progressive ideas that I have for the Modern Nationalist Party.

Naturally once the basic system has been sorted out the Nationalist Umbrella party would be dissolved and every politician would have to stand for election on his own merits.
This means that their election campaigns would have to have a set spending cap and be paid for by the tax payer (no corporate funding).

They would have to submit their full CV and cover letter just like anyone else applying for a job and that letter should spell out their principles and beliefs and finally present a full CRB check so that the voters know exactly what they are voting for.

This is my vision of a truly all inclusive democratic political system that is corruption free and fair to everyone who buys into it.

This is why I have set up the website http://www.modern-nationalsit.com and am encouraging you to join this cause and my site in order to make it happen.

Kind regards

Stephan Toth