Three-quarters of the world's coral reefs are in danger of dying. The rapid decline of these complex ecosystems has significant social, economic and environmental impacts  around the world. 

•Coral reefs are the ocean’s lungs, vital for absorbing carbon dioxide as coral polyps turn carbon dioxide into limestone shells. 

•Coral reefs provide human societies with resources and services worth $375 billion each year. 

•Over  500 million people all over the world depend on coral reefs for food, protection and jobs. 

•Coral reefs also buffer shorelines against waves, storms, floods and erosion. 

•Finally, coral reef plants and animals are important sources of new medicines being developed to treat cancer, arthritis, human bacterial infections, heart disease, viruses,  and other diseases. 

Despite their great economic and recreational  value, a range of human activities now threaten these important habitats. Many of the world’s reefs have already been destroyed or severely damaged by water pollution, overfishing and destructive fishing practices, disease, global climate change, and ship groundings.

Coral Guardian is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is marine ecosystem conservation through: 

•  Empowering local communities, 

•  Rehabilitating damaged reef areas, 

•  Researching ornamental aquaculture protocols and 

•  Public education programming

Our Vision: Empowering people to conserve marine ecosystems and sustain community livelihoods by valuing biodiversity and education.

We protect and repopulate damaged reef areas through coral reef rehabilitation techniques such as transplanting. Corals grow on  local culture tables.  Cuttings are then transplanted to an artificial reef made from a neutral substrate, that has been optimized for coral growth and marine biodiversity development. This program restores biodiversity and fosters a positive environmental, economic and social impact locally.

Help us rehabilitate damaged reef areas: Adopt a Coral