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High level support to End Ecocide


High level support for End Ecocide

This week End Ecocide attracted the support of several high level personalities.

MEPs Eva Joly (France), Ulrike Lunacek (Austria) and Catherine Grèze (France) promoted our cause in Brazil, during their fact-finding trip to the Belo Monte dam project. For this dam, about 20,000 - 40,000 indigenous people will be relocated (depending on the source) and an area of 1,500 square kilometers of Brazilian rainforest will be destroyed. The Belo Monte project is highly disputed and its necessity for the power supply can be questioned. Such a destruction of a unique ecosystem, the Brazilian rainforest, can potentially be considered ecocide.

On July 17th, a tribune was published in Le Monde, one of the main newspapers in France. 13 French personalities express their support for the establishment of a crime of ecocide, underlining not only its importance for future generations but also demonstrating the inalienable link between the right to a healthy environment and human rights.

The signatories are: Dominique Bourg (philosopher), Valérie Cabanes (international lawyer), Philippe Desbrosses (philosopher and agro-ecologist), Jean Gadrey (economist), Susan George (best-selling author), Dominique Méda (philosopher and sociologist), Georges Menahem (sociologist and economist), Edgar Morin (sociologist and philosopher), René Passet (economist), Jean-Marie Pelt (biologist), Pierre Rabhi (philosopher and farmer), Jacques Testart (biologist) and Patrick Viveret (philosopher).

The support of experts in different fields shows that the law of ecocide can be a viable solution to the problems our society is currently facing. As they outline, using legal means, it could be possible to adapt energy sources and consumption to the possibilities of our planet. The ecocide law can introduce the possibility to hold multinationals and states responsible for their actions, an indispensable regulation to ensure a life in dignity for future generations, in Europe and the world.

Calling for the recognition of a human right to a healthy environment, they underline the importance of a law to stop the destruction of ecosystems and ensure peace and the well-being of future generations. The law of ecocide.

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