THIS must be investigated thoroughly and those responsible need to be brought to justice!! 

An email to the directors at Loyola Medical Center... Dear Sirs, I am filing this formal complaint on behalf of Alex Spourdalakis, a 14 year old nonverbal autistic child that was an inpatient at Loyola Medical Center in room 2243. He has severe autism and had been kept there, on an adult floor, since his transfer from Gottlieb Hospital on 2/28/2013. He remained in locked restraints to all four of his limbs for in excess of 20 consecutive days, including the days he previously spent at Gottlieb held in an ER bay for approximately 14 of those days, unable to be admitted into a room. His basic human needs were not met. He did not have any accommodations for his disability. He did not have anyone attempt to provide him the ability to communicate. He was not been held in the least restrictive environment and the frequent assessments for his need to be restrained, as required by regulatory agencies and hospital policy, were not performed. Not one professional that specializes in autism had examined him. He was kept in locked restraints without any written plan to work towards release. He was denied medical care and intervention by this facility that he was specifically transferred there to receive. His mother had been denied a list of physicians in charge of his care. His mother had been denied a list of medications that are ordered for her child. His mother did not have access to a phone inside the patient room in order for her to access resources. He had not received any medical services other that psychiatric medications, restraint and seclusion since he arrived. He had a delay in treatment waiting 5 days for an ordered consultative physician to see him and one additional day until he was examined by a specialist for his gastrointestinal problems, the very reason he was transferred to this facility. He had been held in restraints while the physicians had ordered and then cancelled this procedure. He was not being provided appropriate foods as he has many food allergies. He did not have access to any specialized evaluations or services from any professionals such as occupational health, speech therapy, developmental pediatrician or behavioral specialist who might have been able to address his disability. He was being denied medical care and accommodations for his disability of autism and his mother was purposefully being separated from him and threatened by hospital staff. His pain had not been assessed or treated. None of the many standardized assessment tools for nonverbal patients had been utilized and his mother was told that staff is “unable” to determine if he is having pain. He was not been medicated for pain. The following patient rights, as outlined by JCAHO, have been violated: You have the right to be informed about the care you will receive. You have the right to get important information about your care in your preferred language. You have the right to get information in a manner that meets your needs, if you have vision, speech or hearing, or mental impairments. You have the right to make decisions about your care. You have the right to refuse care. You have the right to know the names of the caregivers who treat you. You have the right to safe care. You have a right to have your pain addressed You have the right to care that is free from discrimination because of physical or mental disability. You have the right to get a list of all your current medications. You have the right to be listened to. You have the right to be treated with courtesy and respect. His basic rights to medical care and accommodations of his disability autism had not provided because he is disabled. Please investigate why this child with a disability is being denied access to medical care.