At 50 years of independence it's time we pull together to make Jamaica into the country we all wish it to be. A jewel in the Caribbean and a shinning example for the rest of the world in every way. We have the recognition and are well positioned for greatness in many other fields and sectors of society.

To effect change is made easy when you, me and all of us give ourselves true control of the social, economic, financial and political systems. By organizing you in your community (your street and more as and when you can), me in mine and others in theirs. Before long we'll have to numbers in man power, the finances for this membership and the influence we together can bring to bear on local, city, parish/state and national leadership.

We the people, of alternative views to governance, when personally managing and in charge of the policy making process, now we will have true people power of, by and for all the people of this country - at home and in the Diaspora - not merely friends and die hard supporters. We all at play, work, rest and in business are capable of achieving incredible things. It means we are just as able to transform our cities and country's fortunes as well.

Thank you for believing in you own capacity for more - now onward to greatness.

One Love, ~ CCC & DrRosie