raise awarness and try and stop animal cruelty, animal cosmetic testing, using live dogs as shark bait, horse slaughter, pitbull ban, seal hunting, and many more terrible animal cruelties

hi my name is kaitlyn, im only 12. i know all of you who are reading this are probaly wondering why a kid my age is trying to run a cause, i am about to tell u just that.
Ever since i was old enough to understand animal cruelty i have been trying to find ways to stop it. I have read books about kids my age who have made such a difference and have started world known organizations and ive always wondered how. the other day i realized how, they just follow in what they believe in and try to make a difference. most of them succeed just like i want to one day.
im not asking for money but for you to understnad the way that i do how serious this issue has become. im not asking for donations im asking for awarness im asking for you to tell your friends, your family, and yourself that this is wrong and even though it is it is still happening.
i want you to join this cause but not because i told you to but because you to, just for a moment, want to make a difference.
Thank you

1.Dog douced with gas than set on fire.
2.Dog tied with zip ties, throat slit, killed
3.Chihuahua thrown to ground, thrown onto hood of car, killed
4.five dogs starved to death
5.2 dogs bouned by a wire to a cinder block, drowned
6.Puppy hurled 20 feet into a wall
7.dog skinned alive, other animals mutilated
8.puppy kicked, head smashed into pavement(6 week old)
9.Dog stolen from guardian at gunpoint, and strangled to death
10.4 month old puppy mutilated and beheaded
11.Cat drowned by 4 year old and 7 year old boys
12. kittens thrown out window, kicked onto street

for more visit http://www.hsus.org/hsus_field/cruelty_cases_2006_cases.html

1.Puppy mills - lives of misery
2.Dog fighting
4.Slaughter house practices - terror and pain
5.Hunting of confined animals for sport
6.Shelters still using inhumane methods of killing
7.Laboratory experimentation on animals

1. Ban the pitbullban! its not the dogs it the owners

2. Stop abuse and cosmetic testing

3. Make a difference