Help with an Anti-bullying program

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Christmas stress and bullying

This time of year causes a lot of stress. Each year I hear of youth that suffer from extreame bullying. Please keep an eye out and don't be afraid to intervene. The number one cause of teen suicide is bullying. Let's give the gift of love this year, and reach…Read More

World Suicide Prevention Day

 Today is world suicide prevention day. The number one cause for teen suicide is bullying. We need to irradicate this vile disease from society, and it can be done. Talk to your kids, insist that your schools bring in programs to not only talk about bullying…Read More

School is about to start, let's implement programs NOW!!!

Harmony has a program that is designed to teach the youth to stop the bullying in their schools themselves,. It is a peer lead program. Facilitators teach how to stop bullying. Adults need to educate kids on how to take control and end the violence…Read More

Speaking Tour

I will be speaking throughout Canada and the US on the impact of bullying. Teen suicide is the third leading cause of death for youth. Bullying is the number one cause for teen suicide. I am speaking on this topic in San Antonio, August 15th, Chicago August…Read More

Oprah's bullying special

I watched with tears in my eyes, knowing so many kids that have attempted suicide due to bullying. we are in a world crisis, and it is worse then ever. Bullies have more ways than ever of causing pain. We need to stop it, and help our youth, from others, and…Read More

Bully-busters televised this sunday

For all of those wanting more information on Harmony's anit=-bullying campaign watch TVCogeco channel 6 on cable tv this Sunday, May 3rd from 12-6
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