In rememberance of drummer Lee Rigby

Hi I will make this short as my blood is still boiling after events this week in woolwich .All I'm asking is for all members to show solidarity in remembrance of drummer Lee Rigby and fly the flag all wknd in his name god bless him ,his family , and his child…Read More

St Georges Day

Hello my friends ,well its almost that time of year to celebrate our heritage and our identity again ! so get your flags out and be proud again and dont let no biggots get in your way !!! Oh and by the way the ELECTION is on the horizon so nows the time to…Read More


hello fellow human friends please if u have the time watch a documentry called ZEITGEIST.If u have already seen it you know the score !!!

english law

good evening friends .i have been sitting in on a court case recently that has been adjourned twice already.this case is between a white english girl and a muslim male,as we all know when in court and in the box giving evidence you have to swear an oath on…Read More

voting day

hello friends i hope that after all the evidence over the past few weeks of how these partys have fraudulently made theire claims that u vote for other partys apart from the major three labour cons lib dems ! how dare they say that they made a mistake if that…Read More

ST Georges Day

Happy ST Georges Day to you all !!

Greedy Mp

hello englishman nice to know that yet again that labour mps have been claiming money for all kinds of things even porn now lol lol.well im sorry but if they take the job they should commute to work like the rest of us ,after all they are here to help us (so…Read More
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