revitalize the way young people think about voting; we are working to build a progressive movement in our lifetime.


The League is a national, peer-driven, values-based, power-building organization that uses hip-hop and the creative arts in issue-based campaigns, electoral organizing, and community-building. We work to re-create the image of politics, reframing it as positive, accessible, directly related to our lives, tangible, and engaging.

We strive to engage our peers in the political process, to support each other in building power to solve problems in our own communities, to enable our peers to develop their political voice in a safe atmosphere, and to create ways to engage and take action to facililtate the emergence of our vision.

Our generation is attracted to the models that we use because the League is committed to providing true authority, creative expression, and tangible victories. We are a progressive organization that stresses just, equitable, and sustainable policy over party affiliation.

1. Engage our peers who are shut out of the political process

2. Educate and register young voters

3. Organize voters, support candidates, and hold them accountable