so zombies will be a small flank of the imending doom we all commonly know as the appocolypse, and surviving zombies will allow you to have an edge on becoming that one small ounce of spirit that makes the appocolypse a could have been. i plan to be 2012 is…Read More

mormoun warning

it has recently been brought to my attention by a survivor that there is an under ground twisted religion (more like a cult) that exists through out our world, these are the mormons they are a backwards society nvented by hitler and housed him during the end…Read More

I have very very important news headlining how the zombie attack is coming

the thing is every needs to stay tuned and check back to this because i will be posting this vital news in 8 hours time!


I was reading Macleans today and there was this whole article about how Gardasil, which is a vacccination that will help to stop HPV (human paploma virus) in woman, is being given out to girls now... but that it is causing some serious problems. Three people…Read More


Everyone, please urge as many people as you can to join our cause, with more numbers people will start taking this serious endevor to heart! try and recruit all your friends
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